Living Better through Liberty and Personal Responsibility

We know how to run our own lives and businesses better than politicians in St Paul.  I cannot vote for anything that increases government or its intrusion into our lives.  I will not vote for legislation I have not been given the time to read.  I cannot vote for legislation that stacks issue upon issue upon issue.  Bills should deal with single subjects so that legislators can take clear responsibility for their votes.

Second Amendment

Free people have the right to defend themselves. This is not a right *granted* by the Constitution, but protected by it. I support Constitutional Carry and oppose any and all measures to further restrict our rights.

Eliminating Taxpayer Funding for Abortion

The Legislature keeps funding taxpayer abortion clinics with our tax dollars. I will lead the effort to ensure your money does not go to support Planned Parenthood.

Parental Rights

Parents know how to best make educational and medical decisions for themselves and their families. School choice and opposing health mandates are important to me.

Government Spending and Taxation

Government growth significantly out-paces inflation each year. We need principled leaders in St Paul who are willing to CUT and ELIMINATE programs. It is a cop-out to say that such cuts would merely be vetoed or not adopted.  We must always push for what we know is right.  If private industry can do it, they should.  Enough with the excuses.  I have signed the Taxpayer's Pledge to never vote for a tax increase.